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About Me

Let me share a little of my story with you…

I’m Lisa, and for the past fifteen years I’ve been deep diving into the World of yoga, spending time in Ashrams, qualifying as a 500 hour teacher in 4 countries with 4 different yoga schools, and upskilling to become a qualified yoga therapist through Swara Yoga. Alongside this I also trained with Animas to become a Life Coach and have been working in this capacity alongside my yoga business for 10 years now.

I may look easy and breezy, but my life most certainly hasn’t been. I was born into a family where I instantly became a young carer and subsequently an adult family carer for my two siblings who were born with undiagnosed degenerative diseases of the nervous condition. I also grew up with mental health, addiction and MS within our family unit. These experiences took me places I probably shouldn’t have gone, and encouraged me to do things I probably shouldn’t have done. On reflection, all I can say is that these experiences gave me a tremendous amount of early life experience, which has been a catalyst for my personal growth and ultimate ownership of my life and wellbeing.

I now reside in Hampshire, UK, with my husband and our three children. I still teach regular yoga classes and retreats, but my story hasn’t just brought me to this one purpose. I feel an absolute need in the World to use my life experience to support other people like me. Carers, parents, business owners, spiritually minded people and all those beautiful souls in between who simply need that next level of guidance and encouragement. I want to shine a light on your innate gifts and talents, helping you to live a more purposeful and aligned life.

I offer bespoke coaching packages starting with a minimum of three sessions. I can also offer you a twelve week personal development programme to kick-start your journey.

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