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Coaching for Carers

Being a carer comes in so many different forms. Perhaps you’re caring for a loved one such as a child, parent, partner or sibling. Perhaps you’re trying to balance caring with work or family commitments. Perhaps you advocate on behalf of somebody in care, or perhaps you’re simply supporting a loved one who cares for someone else. In whatever capacity you find yourself in, I’m here to support you.

Lisa Maniatis Carer Coach

I know first hand what it’s like to be in all those positions mentioned above. I have lived and breathed caring since the moment I was born, and I absolutely know the significance of being able to prioritise myself on a regular basis. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

This is what I’m here to do for you. Just because you have been landed with a role in this World, doesn’t mean that it’s your only purpose. We are so much more than the carer roles we are gifted, we are whole Human Beings, with emotions, ambitions, desires, failures, successes, and everything in between. And I want to help you navigate this.

  • I want you to feel inspired to discover your purpose outside of caring.
  • I want you to feel aligned with your true self.
  • I want you to serve the World in a way that serves you too.

Contrary to popular belief, you CAN have it all!

“Working with Lisa these last 6 months has given me such clarity and traction in so many areas of my life. I can honestly say that I feel like my life has been transformed. I have energy and perspective that I haven’t felt in years. I feel so much taller and stronger and I know I have re-established by zest and passion for life.” – Natalie

‘’Lisa was the first person I turned to when I felt I needed a little guidance… I didn’t know exactly what to expect but she has very cleverly boosted my confidence enough to feel happier and be a more productive “me”. She’s a lady with a calm and beautiful soul.’’ – Kirsten

I truly believe that through both my professional and personal experience, that my services both as a Yoga Teacher and a Life Coach can really enrich and help transform lives.”

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